Event! Supanova, Brisbane November 9-11!

Hello! It’s been a while between drinks but I’m supa-happy to say I’ll be at Supanova’s Brisbane show this coming November! Supanova is held at the Brisbane Convention Centre November 9 through to 11 and there’ll be a fine assortment of pop culture goodies include TV stars, toys and of course comic books!

I’ll be there with all the latest Rose books for sale, some of which will be having their Brisbane debut! It’ll be the first time Rose: Second Helpings will be making a convention appearance so come on by and get your copy signed! You can also get original sketches of your favourite characters eating breakfast, because breakfast is really important. I’ll also have Colour in With Rose and Rose badges on sale, so there’s something for everyone!

I haven’t had a chance to do a Brisbane show for a while so it’s going to be awesome to see everyone there! I also can’t wait to see the TV stars walk around with that dazed look on their faces after posing for the five hundredth photo, that’s always a gas. See you there!

Rose and Dahlia Have a Plan

Rose and Dahlia have a plan

I think becoming famous would suit Rose and Dahlia’s lifestyles very well. It’s not like they’re dedicated to their careers as microbiology scientists or anything. The smallest thing Rose wants to deal with are those “fun size” chocolates you get in the big packs that fill your bed with wrappers or so I have been led to believe.

Also! Here’s a pro-tip for comic artists everywhere: do not set your next comic inside a grocery store! It took absolutely forever to draw all the items on the shelves. It was a living nightmare, and in some ways, I think I’m still drawing those knick-knacks and doo-dads, forever…

Dahlia Argues With A Map

Every time I get in the car and the little Maps thing goes “oh it’s five minutes to the fish and chips shop” even though it’s like 7AM and it’s clearly Sausage and Egg McMuffin time I mean SERIOUSLY!

I am just not the biggest fan of my devices judging me.

Rose Gets A Cat

Getting a cat is a huge responsibility. I don’t mean making sure it’s fed (it will remind you), or keeping the kitty litter box clean (if you can smell, it will remind you), I mean always remembering if the cat is inside or outside. The number of times I accidentally left the cat outside while thinking it was still inside while making this comic alone was in the dozens. I can never remember, all I know is that the darn thing isn’t bugging me for once.

So yes poor Rose isn’t actually allergic to cats but she is allergic to dealing with her emotions and that’s a big #mood.

Rose and Mum Chat

I love how kids just walk up to you and start talking about everything and anything that they have in mind. In Rose’s defence, these ARE important issues! Why AREN’T there animal olympics, I would totally watch that over the human version any day of the week. Maybe one day it’ll still happen, Rose IS an enterprising lass.

Black Friday weekend bonus! All orders of $30 or more get Colour In With Rose FREE! Dismiss