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The latest news from the world of Rose

Rose #6 Now Available!

After making its exclusive debut at Comic Street 2017 I am very proud to say that Rose #6 is now available in our shop! You can now get your very own copy of this great comic with all of Rose’s latest silly adventures!

In issue six, Rose gets lost in the woods and worries about her future career as a grandmother feeder, gets dragged along on a girl’s night out and…falls in love?! To find out what happens next, and so much more, order your copy right now!

I am so super excited to bring you this comic, it has come together so beautifully and looks absolutely incredible on paper! Maybe one day I can figure out how to make comics smell like cupcakes. Anyway, just look how happy Rose is on the cover, that is how happy you will be reading it!

Comic Street 2017 was so much fun!

I had the best time at Comic Street 2017! This is the third such event to have been held in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall – an open air independent comic showcase where local creators proudly display the comics they’ve made!

I was proud to debut Rose #6 there and people seemed to really like the latest escapades of the world’s hungriest redhead.

The day absolutely flew by as people kept coming to the table to see what this Rose stuff was all about, and once again I must apologise to my lovely table neighbours Sheree, Tim and Ed who must have heard my “Rose is a young woman who loves food, her friends, food, animals, food, her family (sometimes), food, food…” spiel a million times. 😉 So sorry I didn’t take any more photos!

Highlights of the day include:

A girl who bought issue one, then her brother came back a few minutes later to ask for issue two, which I have long sold out, but I advised them they could try Ace Comics up the road for a copy. They came back a while later to get not only issue two signed, but Ace’s last copy of issue three! How cool is that!

The kids who talked to me about how they’re getting taught how to make comics in school – I am seriously so jealous of this! I kept getting in trouble at school for drawing comics – and later just stopped going to school once a comic shop opened up across the road – but now they’re teaching kids in school! Very awesome 🙂 There were lots of kids who told me about comics they are making – and the next generation of talent is already shaping up to be incredible!

The parents who came over because Rose looked like something their children (or grandchildren) would enjoy, and ended up having a laugh while flicking through the latest issue – success!

Thank you everyone who came out to say hello! I can’t wait to see you all at the next event!

PS: I drew some sketches while I was there so here they are:

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EVENT! Say Hello To Rose At Comic Street July 29!

We’re doing Comic Street again on July 29! It is a comic showcase event held right in the middle of Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall! That’s right, you can be just walking around the city, maybe getting a cookie, and then BAM you find yourself in the middle of an outdoor comic convention, filled with great new and original comics to enjoy! It is always a great day out for all the local comic makers, and I love saying hello to new and returning readers!

I am at the front of the event, at table 14! Here is a map to help you find us!

Since I believe that you should always bring something special to an event, I am proud to say that Rose #6, the BRAND NEW ISSUE, will be debuting EXCLUSIVELY at the show! I’m madly scrambling to get the comic finished but I can already tell you this is easily the BEST ISSUE EVER. I can’t wait for you to read it!

I am very excited about this year’s event, as I am placed right near some excellent company that I can’t wait to see what they have been making lately! Making comics can be quite a solitary activity so it’s always good to have some human interaction (I mean, not too much, but still).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

New Event: Comic Market Place at Garden City Library July 1!

Hello! I just wanted to let you know about a new comic event I will be at on July 1, and it’s sure to be a lot of fun!

The Comic Market Place will be packed with local comic artists showing off what they’ve been working on lately, all within the Garden City Library here in Brisbane!

I will be there with all the latest Rose comic books for you to check out, and I’ll be doing sketches and giving out high-fives and talking about how I make comics! It’s free to attend and we really encourage younger readers to come by and find out more about how to make your own comics!

Pro-tip: Making comics is fun and cool, so make some today!

Hope to see you there!

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