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The latest news from the world of Rose

EVENT: Supanova Gold Coast April 12-14!

Hello! I am super excited to share the news with you that I’ll be at Supanova this coming April at the Gold Coast Convention Centre! Supanova has always been one of the highlights of my year, and it was the first convention I ever exhibited at way back when so it’s always fantastic to be back to see old friends and new!

AND – oh boy I’m super excited about this bit – this year I’m going as a guest of the show! Yep, that’s me hobnobbing with the other celebrities like it’s no big deal. Me and Camilla Mendes? Practically equals in the industry.

ALSO! I (and my comic rival Alisha Jade) are going to be teaching a special workshop on the Saturday for teenage creators about how to make their own comic books, and tickets for that are already selling fast! I can’t wait to help shape the next generation of creators and hopefully steer them away from a life wasted becoming doctors or lawyers.

I’ll have all the latest Rose comics for sale at the show, and I’ll be doing commissions too! I’ll draw any character you like, as long as they’re eating breakfast.

Supanova! April 12-14! Gold Coast Convention Centre! I can’t wait to see you there!

The Most Popular Comics of 2018!

Hello! As the year (finally!) draws to a close I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the Rose comics that were the most read through the year! Step this way through the looking glass to see how it went!

#10 – Rose is a Regular

I still feel this one a lot! There’s a local coffee shop that knows me by name, and truth be told I feel like they’re judging me even just a little bit as they get my banana bread and hot chocolate ready for me ahead of time. Am I that predictable? I guess so!

This one also guest starred a Patreon backer, as part of their regular rewards! Want to guest star in a Rose comic yourself? Head on over to my Patreon page and find out how easy it is!

#9 – Rose and Dahlia Engage In Needless Violence

Oh, this was a fun one to make! I am a big fan of Free Hits, so I’m just thrilled that I could make a comic to teach a whole new generation of people about the game that adds danger to every walk down to the shops.

(Note to any lawyers or police reading this: I am just kidding! Ha ha, what a kidder I am)

Also pinch and a punch for the first of the month is serious business in my house so watch out!

#8 – Rose and Dahlia Enjoy Cheese

Oddly enough this was the first time I drew Dahlia in a Rose strip, I think this was before I decided she was going to be Rose’s bestie.

But I did know how much cheese means to Rose, as we will see later!

Have you had something with cheese in it today?

I have, it was great, it was a pair of bread rolls with ham, cheese, tabouli and grains, some tomato and a bit of corn relish for taste. I give cheese a big thumbs up.

#7 – Rose and the New Girl

And here’s the very first Dahlia strip! I’m glad she’s in the comic now, I always felt like Rose needed a bestie to bounce off of, and many of the other characters in this story felt a bit under developed so it’s nice to have someone I know she can continually try to beat-slash-enjoy. It’s a funny rivalry and friendship!

This one also has one of the funniest lines I remember writing: “He’s not funny, he’s middle-aged!”

I hope you like this one!

#6 – Rose has an Awakening

It’s a simple gag but I think it works pretty well.

And it also makes me think about pasta, so that’s always a bonus, because pasta is a great source of your daily requirement of pasta sauce.

(And when you have pasta you can have cheese on it – see, it’s like the circle of life or something!)

#5 – Rose Thinks About Pie

My pal Jay wrote this one, and I think about it a lot, because it’s funny and it’s also true.

It’s also a good example of how a joke transforms when it becomes a comic. I told a friend of mine about it before I drew it and she didn’t think it sounded funny at all, but after I showed her the finished comic she thought it was hilarious. Isn’t it weird how that works?

Also right now I could do just about anything for an apple pie but good thing I’m so lazy I can’t be bothered to get up off the couch otherwise WOW LOOK OUT, APPLE PIE HOARDERS WHO GET IN MY WAY.

#4 – Rose and Friends Go Dancing

AKA how to stretch a joke about Rose running out of phone battery over four or five pages.

I’m not a huge fan of this one to be honest, but people seem to like it, so what do I know?

do know that the next time I write a script that involves going to a night club I should just delete it forever because that means drawing backgrounds and crowds and just ugh no thank you.

Stay tuned for the follow up, “Rose and Friends Stay In”

#3 – Rose Gets Married

Definitely the silliest idea I’ve ever had for a Rose comic!

A lot of people have asked when Rose will get a boyfriend, or whatever, but the idea never really had much appeal to me because this is a comic about friendship more than anything else.

However, a strip about Rose getting married to (SPOILER) just made me giggle, so here we are.

But oh lord that wedding dress was a right pain to draw. It was based on what’s-her-name’s dress, you know, the royal one? Her.

#2 – Rose and Dahlia Place an Order

Lunch is tricky business.

Obviously, many of you agree!

Also note to self, stop losing the script between the stage where you’re pencilling the comic and the stage where you’re lettering the comic because it turns out the script is super handy at the lettering stage!

Sigh. One day I’ll learn.

Rose has Dairy Issues#1 – Rose Has Dairy Issues

Finally, the most popular comic I’ve done this year is this little classic about cheese sandwiches! See how it all ties together?

I quite like it, especially the art in the first panel, this is one of the very few times where the final art even sort of approaches what I’ve got in my head.

So there you go! I hope you liked this trip down memory lane. What was your favourite?

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering – the least popular strip was this one…)

Thank you for an incredible 2018!

Hello! It’s the end of the year, and I’m procrastinating from wrapping up Christmas presents by writing a blog post looking back on the last year and all the fun Rose-related activities we got up to! Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights, shall we?

Rose #7January – Rose #7

Yay! Rose #7 came out, and I was pretty dang happy with how everything came together! It contained one of the silliest stories I’ve ever done, about Rose getting married of all things, which was not only great fun to write but nearly almost killed me in the process of drawing her detailed wedding dress over and over and over and over and over again.

It also introduced her best friend Dahlia and wow I just can’t imagine this comic without her in it. Dahlia’s really changed the tone of Rose for me – it’s much more than a single-note strip about a hungry redhead, and instead it’s leaning towards the power and fun of friendship.

February – Game Dev Dramas

Oh hey this one isn’t exactly Rose-related but on my Patreon I started doing a monthly bonus comic exclusively for my backers, about my years in Game Development! They were years where I was, um, actually a bit of a jerk. Sorry about that, everyone that had to work with me back then! I swear I’ve become a better person since then, not coincidentally since I stopped working in game development!

Anyway, people seem to really like these, so I’m continuing to do more and it lets me experiment with new techniques and ideas. New episodes of Game Dev Dramas are posted at the start of every month on Patreon, so come check it out!

March – Instagram

In March I started posting Rose comics to Instagram, and people seem to really like her on there!

I’ve since moved the comics over to a dedicated Rose Instagram account, so give her a follow for fun comics and other goodies!

It’s on

I like Instagram, people post a lot of pictures of Japanese curry there, and I can pretty much just look at pictures of Japanese curry for days on end.

Japanese curry: Try it today!

April – Kickstarter

After the success of last year’s Kickstarter for Rose Book 1: First Taste, I was super excited to do it again for the next book: Second Helpings! This collected issues five through to eight of the Rose comic book, and also included brand new stories that aren’t seen anywhere else!

Running a Kickstarter is a lot of work, and there were a lot of long, long nights involved in making the book and the crowdfunding campaign happen, but thankfully it was a great success and the book was made a reality thanks to some incredibly generous backers!

Stay tuned for the next Kickstarter campaign in 2019…it’s going to be a fun one!

May – Rose #8

While the Kickstarter was running I was scrambling to finish Rose #8, another 24 pages of full colour fun and nonsense starring Rose, Dahlia and their friends!

Particular highlights of the issue for me include the story where Rose is allergic to cats, or the one where she spends a whole night trying to figure out what her favourite pie is, or the one where Rose and Dahlia engage in needless violence! This one is a lot of fun and it’s definitely the silliest issue yet.

Oh, the one where she goes off at Geoff for being the worst person ever alive ever is always worth a laugh.

June – Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

This was a huge deal! While I’ve been doing conventions with Rose since the comic started in 2015, this was the first time I’ve ever done an interstate convention! I had no idea if anyone in Melbourne would like Rose – after all, besides being in a few awesome comic book shops there I hadn’t really had any opportunity to show Melbournians what Rose is all about.

So it was with a lot of nervousness I hauled two packed suitcases of comic books onto a plane and rolled the dice…

…and boy, was it worth the trip! The audience at Melbourne Oz Comic-Con were just so nice and friendly and loved what Rose is all about. Thank you everyone who I met there, it was lovely to see you and I can’t wait to be back one day! It was a huge leap of faith to do an interstate convention I’m so glad the faith was rewarded. Thank you.

July – Colour in with Rose and Comic Street

This was a pretty crazy time for Rose – I had just gotten back from Oz Comic-Con and it was already time to do Comic Street!

It’s one of my favourite parts of the entire year – a fun, open-air comic festival with local talent showing off their latest comic books! It’s a great way to introduce comics to people who wouldn’t normally go to comic conventions, and a book like Rose is perfect for all audiences! I’m always grateful to the organisers for letting me be a part of it.

Debuting at Comic Street (because it’s always polite to bring a new book when you do a convention, you know) was Colour in with Rose, a funky 40 page colouring in book! This was a fun book to make and I love seeing what colourful creations people come up with when they get their hands on it!

August – Rose: Second Helpings

The latest and greatest Rose book saw its release! Rose: Second Helpings is 104 pages of full colour fun, with brand new stories not seen anywhere else, and remastered versions of the stories that ran in Rose #5 to #8!

I love, love, love how this book turned out. It was a lot of work tying it all together, as I took the extra step of fixing up little art (and, uh, spelling) errors that were bugging me for a while, and of course making the bonus stories.

SUCH AS: Rose plays a role playing game! Rose meets a musician! And…Rose runs a bakery? And the follow up to the bonus stories that ran in Rose: First Taste where she meets her neighbour!

So, yeah. It looks fantastic on a bookshelf, too, and I can’t wait to follow it up with the next book!

I slept really well after this one was done. 🙂

Also – in August I was featured on Comic Book Resources! That’s so cool!

September – Dahlia Pulls Some Pranks

I don’t remember much about September except working on this comic about Dahlia pulling pranks!

It, uh, took practically forever to make. Physical comedy isn’t something I can draw really fast – I spend a lot of time redrawing poses, and this one was a bit harder than usual since there were new characters in there that I had never drawn before, and everyone was a different height, and I hadn’t really drawn the interior of Dahlia’s house before, and, and, and…etc!

Glad it got done though. I hope you like it!

October – Nothing

Honestly, this was kind of a bad month for me. Sorry! They can’t all be gems I guess. ANYWAY MOVING ON!

November – Supanova Brisbane

Now this was super fun! It was great to do my first Brisbane convention in what felt like aaaaaages, and meet friends old and new at the show!

It was also the public debut of Rose: Second Helpings which was a great success, so thank you everyone who turned up to check out the world’s hungriest redhead!

Oh and I debuted a rather neat banner! I always wanted to have a banner at a comic convention. It’s like I levelled up or something. The first time I did a comic convention I didn’t even here!  have a poster on the wall!

(Or decent comics to sell, but that’s another story)

December – I wrote this blog post!

Look, it’s late, and I had a few too many pies, so I just want to post this and be done with it!

Actually now that I think about it – a nice part of December is that Rose is now available in many more stores around the world! You can check them all out on our handy-dandy interactive map here, and you should go give one of them a visit! Or all of them if you’ve got the travel miles, that could be fun too!

So…that was pretty much 2018! Thank you so much for being a part of it. I love drawing Rose, Dahlia, and all the other characters in this silly comic, and it’s a real joy to share them with the world.

So onto 2019! I have so much planned for the year ahead…and I can’t wait to show you!

2018 was the appetiser. Let’s make 2019 the main course!

Event! Supanova, Brisbane November 9-11!

Hello! It’s been a while between drinks but I’m supa-happy to say I’ll be at Supanova’s Brisbane show this coming November! Supanova is held at the Brisbane Convention Centre November 9 through to 11 and there’ll be a fine assortment of pop culture goodies include TV stars, toys and of course comic books!

I’ll be there with all the latest Rose books for sale, some of which will be having their Brisbane debut! It’ll be the first time Rose: Second Helpings will be making a convention appearance so come on by and get your copy signed! You can also get original sketches of your favourite characters eating breakfast, because breakfast is really important. I’ll also have Colour in With Rose and Rose badges on sale, so there’s something for everyone!

I haven’t had a chance to do a Brisbane show for a while so it’s going to be awesome to see everyone there! I also can’t wait to see the TV stars walk around with that dazed look on their faces after posing for the five hundredth photo, that’s always a gas. See you there!

Comic Book Resources features Rose!

Hello! The wonderful folks at Comic Book Resources just featured Rose in their Went To Tell Everybody column, where independent comic creators get to talk about their work! It was really nice of them to do that, and it was a weird thrill to see Rose up on that site along a raft of super heroes and big name comic creator big shots doing stuff.

Go give the article a read!

Black Friday weekend bonus! All orders of $30 or more get Colour In With Rose FREE! Dismiss