Come say hello to me at these upcoming events! They give me an excuse to leave the house for a change!

September 23-24, 2017: Oz Comic-Con, Brisbane

We’re doing Oz Comic-Con for the very first time! We’ll be in the Artist’s Alley area, with all the latest Rose comics and even doing sketches for you! I’ll sketch any character you want, as long as they’re having breakfast. 😉

September 21, 2017: Make Your Own Mini Comic workshop at Redland Art Gallery

Making comics is super awesome fun! If you would like to make mini comics I am teaching a workshop about this, and it’s FREE to attend! At the end of the two hours you’ll even have your own mini comic to show off to your friends, about anything you like! I started by making mini comics and geez Louise I would have loved a class like this way back when!

There are more events coming soon! We are very close to announcing some cool events in the future 🙂

And please let your local comic convention know if you’d like me to be there!

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