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Mum Asks About Lunch

Thanks to my (and your) pal, Mister J for writing this one! You should read his comics too, they are neat!

I am always worried about losing my appetite, but then I usually find it under the couch.

Rose and Dahlia Share A Secret

OK I have to admit that this is also MY secret and I am happy to share it with the world. Putting your chips into the burgers is great, and dipping your warm salty chips into the chocolate sundae is also super double plus great! Give it a try today and let me know that I’ve made your life better!

Rose Forgets Her Order

Yes, Rose is a coffee drinker now! Since I’m not a coffee drinker myself I haven’t had much coffee in these comics at all, but I guess that will change in the future! I am a hot chocolate person really, though I have recently gotten into tea in a big way. Tea is lovely! Try having a cup of tea today, it will pick you right up!

I don’t forget my order, but one thing I caught myself doing at coffee shops was forgetting my name! Every time the person behind the counter asks me my name I go “uhhhhhhh….Cameron?” Like, how can I forget my own name? And now the person behind the counter is looking at me like “That is so not your name, you just made that up because you like Cameron Diaz or something” and then they think I’m a weirdo. I am NOT a weirdo I just don’t say my name much during the course of the day?!

Huge thanks to Dan Gilmore and Wolfram Young for writing this! You can read more of Dan’s work at and say hello while you are there! Dan also made the Rose logo which I’m sure you will agree was very nice!

Rose Lives Off The Grid

Living off the grid sounds great, and they certainly make it look wonderful on all those TV shows, but they leave out the common pitfalls, such as being attacked by a monkey or running out of phone battery. And have you ever tried putting together a tent? Literally impossible. I mean, I guess someone’s done it, somewhere, but it’s not exactly something they teach kids at school these days.

I guess monkeys are better than the mythical Irish wolf.

Rose Gets Mouthy

Rose Gets Mouthy

I’m not entirely unconvinced this could work. For someone who is a bit of a foodie, I’ve long thought that the biggest problem with eating is that it takes your whole mouth to do, and you can’t talk, and it makes it hard to be at like lunch with someone and you have a lot to catch up on but you also are super hungry so what are you meant to do? It’s a delicate balancing act. But if I had two mouths that solves a lot of problems.

So what I’m saying is that science has a long way to go before we’re living in a two-mouth utopia.

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