It’s great that Rose is finally getting the help she needs…maybe. Probably not, come to think of it.

Still! At least someone is being helped here, and now Betty knows where to get the good muffins around town, so everyone’s a winner.

OK here’s what I don’t get about coffee shops. Let’s say you’re sitting down with a muffin (OR A CUPCAKE, LET’S NOT JUDGE HERE) and a hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows) and you want to go to the bathroom. Can you just leave your stuff at the table? What if you have a laptop, are you meant to take the laptop into the bathroom? That just looks weird. What are people meant to think if you’re just wandering into the bathroom with a laptop? Do you still get wifi in the bathroom?

Anyway. Yes, as previously discussed, Rose did have a pony. Several ponies as it turns out, but that’s another story!