To this day I have not been able to get a proper answer to this vital question. I mean if I ask someone if they would like a sandwich, and they say sure, and then I give them a hot dog, have I just committed some mortal sin? Judging by the weird looks on some people’s faces I have experienced in the past I would guess that the answer is¬†yes, I have, and I should be ashamed of myself.

And while we’re at it this whole business of selling hot dogs in packs of eight and hot dog buns in packs of six is just straight up cruel. I have to buy three lots of hot dogs and four packs of buns just to get to an even amount of 24 and then what am I going to do, eat 24 hot dogs? Well yes I probably¬†would do that but what about everyone else? And then you buy a bottle of sauce and that’s not enough to do 24 hot dogs it can do about 18 hot dogs tops and then we’re in the whole mess again.

The good news is that after this conversation Mum made hot dogs for dinner and Kimmi had the left over sausages so everyone was happy.