Rose is the star of this comic and may very well be the world’s hungriest redhead! When she’s not thinking about pizza and hot dogs, she can be found watching terrible television shows or reading fine literature. She loves food, her friends, food, her family (sometimes), food and also food. She grew up in rural Ireland but got the travel bug and has gone off to seek adventure and new places to get a good curry. Her favourite YouTube genre is “animals attacking people who shouldn’t have been hassling the animals in the first place”.

Hazel is Rose’s long-suffering but ever-loving mum. She has raised her daughter to be full of kindness, compassion, and potatoes. Many of the comics here are about when Hazel was bringing up a young Rose, but we also see her advising Rose as she now tries to figure out how to be an adult. Her hobbies include sighing, pottering around the kitchen and frowning at teenagers who walk too slowly in the shops.

Mary is Rose’s younger sister, who still lives in Ireland with her mum. She is secretly very bitter about Rose getting to go off and have grand adventures around the world while she is still stuck at home. She hopes that one day she can be like her big sister, but not as annoying and with better hair. Many of the comics here are about when she was a baby, a period of her life that she’d rather pretend didn’t happen.

Nessa (actually Vanessa, but anyhoo) is one of Rose’s best friends, even though she is so her total opposite. Nessa enjoys being outside (yikes!), getting involved in sports (HUH WHAT), and eating salad (NO). Still, they do care about each other and can talk to each other about literally the most stupid things on the planet. They stayed up till dawn one night trying to get to the bottom of the cupcakes versus muffins debate. It got very heated (the argument, not the cupcakes and muffins).

Bernadette is another one of Rose’s best friends, a childhood chum of hers back in Ireland. The two were inseparable during that time (even though Rose stayed away from her house for years after the chicken incident) and they still swap reality TV recommendations all the time. Her favourite show is Dance Chefs. She likes the way Rose can make potato chips appear out of nowhere, which is a skill we should all aspire to learn.

Danielle thinks she is also one of Rose’s best friends, but uhhh (how do we put it politely?) this is not entirely 100% factually accurate. She is one of those people who wants everyone to know how perfect her life is, even though it is anything but. She wants a high-profile career and a handsome husband and one of those cars you don’t have to push down a hill to start. Dani grew up with Rose in Ireland and then followed her over to Australia to live with her, which was so not Rose’s idea hoo boy.

Geoff is Rose’s boss. To this day he is not entirely sure why he hired her. She regularly turns up late, slacks off at work and then finds increasingly weird reasons to take the day off. Still, she keeps bringing in these amazing cupcakes so I guess everything’s OK. Geoff just wants to be left alone, which is a pretty good hobby when you think about it.

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