– About the Comic –

Ever have one of those days where being an adult was just too much work and you just wanted to be a kid again, eating cheerios in front of the TV all day? Rose is living your dream…but for her friends it’s a nightmare.

She lives for the simple things in life – a great sandwich, good company, the chance to travel and trashy TV – but the real world with its social, family and work commitments, keeps getting in her way. Can she survive the process of adulthood and still remain her usual food-craving, self-involved and over-reactionary self?

– Cast of Characters –

bio_roseRose: A plucky, quizzical and non-committal woman in her early 20’s who is exploring the world after growing up in rural Ireland. She knows nothing about how to be a grown up like her parents want her to be, but she’s hoping that if she travels far and eats enough quality meals she can worry about all that boring stuff later. Her hobbies include eating, taking photos of food, and worrying about how many “likes” her photos of food have gotten in the last hour.

Read about the time Rose sampled a buffet, or when Rose flew around the world for an emergency.

bio_vanessaVanessa: Rose’s best friend. She’s the type of person that everyone is secretly jealous of. She’s got her life organised – studied hard, got a respectable job and even her own apartment – but she just wishes she could live a carefree life like Rose does. Her hobbies include the latest exercise fads, social media and posting about how exhausted she is from exercise on social media.

Read more about Vanessa as she helped Rose ride an elephant, or shared a brownie.

bio_danielleDanielle: Rose’s roommate and the most stressed out woman on the planet. She’s under pressure from her parents to live the perfect life, with the perfect job and the perfect boyfriend, and Rose’s carefree attitude towards the apartment keeps wrecking her plans. Her hobbies include cleaning up after Rose and coming up with new ways to smile the pain away.

Danielle’s handy when it comes to helping in a medical crisis.

bio_geoffGeoff: Rose’s boss at a nondescript office. He’d love one day – just one day for Rose to work hard at her job. Or turn up on time. Or do, well, anything related to her job. He keeps her around because he has a weak spot for all the cupcakes she keeps bringing into the office. Until he goes on that diet (next week for sure), her job is safe.

Check out the time Geoff made the mistake of asking how Rose’s morning was, or when he accidentally asked to see some holiday photos.

bio_maryMary: Rose’s little sister, stuck in Ireland while Rose travels the world. She’s the one that’s been left to mind after the parents who are slowly going mad. She yearns to travel the world like her big sister, but she’s too young…or is she?

One time, when Mary was a little kid, she wanted to take her doodah to school.

bio_lilroseYoung Rose: When Rose was a kid she got up to mischief in her quest for a bang-up meal, in between going to school (while thinking about breakfast) and annoying her mum at home (while making dinner).

Check out Lil’ Roses’s panic attack over the future, or find out why she doesn’t get on with chickens.

– About the Artist –

Rose is written and drawn by Cameron Davis, who loves nothing more than drawing comics, playing Super Nintendo video games and drinking chocolate milk while eating Japanese Katsu curry.

Or burgers. It’s tough to decide some days.