Rose is a comic strip about a young woman, who, unsurprisingly enough, is called Rose.

She loves her life (tho sometimes questions it), she loves the world around her (though isn’t always sure of her place in it), and she loves her food… I mean, she really loves her food. It’s a fun, family friendly and often hilarious comic that I’ve been making since 2015.

It is a comic strip about family. A family who love her dearly even though she drives them mad:

There’s also her friends, who, like Rose, are still trying to figure out just how to “adult”:

And there’s her boss, who…well he’s not really sure why he hired her most days:

I’ve written and drawn five issues of Rose thus far, and they’re being sold in comic shops around the world! Which is great!

There is also the Rose Shop where you can buy new comics and merchandise directly from me! That is great too!

I hope you enjoy Rose and her silly adventures!




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