Hello! I have some great news – Rose #5 and Rose Collection are both now available in our shop!

Rose Collection is the first trade paperback collection of earlier Rose comics! It includes everything from the first four issues, AND also features bonus brand new story introducing the world’s hungriest redhead to new readers! This is an immaculately made 100 page collection of comics about the important things in life – cupcakes, pancakes, all sorts of cakes! (We’re temporarily sold out of the print version of the collection, but we have a digital version available!)

Rose #5 is another 24 page, full colour fun comic for all ages about the world’s hungriest redhead. In this issue she obsesses about muffins, ruins a business lunch and contemplates a life of hard crime just to get more cookies. The art looks incredible and this is easily the best and funniest issue yet! We have both a print and digital version available!

I am super, super SUPER happy with how these books turned out and I can’t wait to get them into your hot little hands or digital devices! Head over to the store now and grab your copy!