Great news, gang! A brand-new issue of Rose is just around the corner!

Rose #4 is 24 pages of fun with our favourite hungry redhead, presented in full colour and packed full of laughs! Rose goes to a trivia contest, ruins a dinner party, attempts therapy and so much more!

I am super happy with how this issue turned out. The art is better than ever, and I’m telling some stories I’ve been wanting to tell since Rose started but I wasn’t confident enough in my skills…until now! I think you’re going to really love it.

It will debut exclusively at Supanova Pop Culture Expo which runs at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre from November 11 to 13, and I can’t wait to see you there! I’ll be in Artist’s Alley, and here’s a handy-dandy map to guide you to THE COOLEST AND MOST FUN TABLE OF THE SHOW:


I’ll have all four issues available, AND we’re debuting Rose buttons for the very first time! They look absolutely amazing and you will be so cool with them that is true.