Hello! Boy, how about that weather, huh? It sure is a thing.

OK writing about the weather on the internet doesn’t really work because I don’t know where you are it could be really cold or maybe you live inside a volcano? That would be interesting. More interesting than writing about the weather anyway that’s not what I want to talk about today!

Itch.io is mostly known as a very cool and fun way to get all sorts of weird and wonderful videogames, and now they also offer digital comics for sale through their lovely site! And now Rose #2 is available through the service!

So if you’re already using Itch to get your games, you can buy Rose without having to set up yet another online account, which is nice because who can remember all those passwords? Not me.

Check out the Rose page on Itch or use this handy-dandy widget to get the latest issue right now!