As great as it is to read Rose comics online, there’s just something about holding a printed copy in your hands – and so that’s why there’s a full colour, full size comic available.

I’ve been contacting every comic shop I can find to carry the book, and it’s already found its way into some fantastic stores! I’m just so happy to see it on the shelves and I’m looking forward to getting more stores to carry it in the future. Check out these photos!


Our pals at Junky Comics in Brisbane’s West End were the first to support Rose, and we’re thrilled to see the first issue proudly on display!


One of Brisbane’s comic institutions, Ace Comics, has placed Rose #1 in some excellent company 🙂


Over in San Diego, Comickaze has Rose #1 sitting on the New Releases shelf, right next to one of my favourite TV show adaptations 🙂 There should be more TV shows about burgers.

If you’ve seen Rose out there in the real world, please let us know, we’d love to see it! And if you know anyone who works at a comic shop, please let them know you’d like to see Rose in their store, every mention helps!