Did you know that besides this wonderful website, Rose also has her very own comic book? Check it out!

Rose #1Rose #1 is the first issue of Rose’s very own comic, and I think you’ll agree it looks spectacular!

In this full colour, 24 page extravaganza, Rose rides an elephant, sniffs a cake, sends her gran to the poor house and confesses her sins…and so much more!

You can buy it directly through this website, or at several fine comic book stores, and there’s also a digital version available through here or via the awesome Itch.io!

As a special bonus, every order placed through this site will also recieve a free copy of a special little comic I made recently, called Bruce And Hazel Go For A Drive! Get it while it’s hot not many of these were made and most of them were snapped up quick 🙂

I am super proud of how this book turned out, and can’t wait for you to check it out!