Rose and Mum Chat

I love how kids just walk up to you and start talking about everything and anything that they have in mind. In Rose’s defence, these ARE important issues! Why AREN’T there animal olympics, I would totally watch that over the human version any day of the week. Maybe one day it’ll still happen, Rose IS an enterprising lass.

Comic Book Resources features Rose!

Hello! The wonderful folks at Comic Book Resources just featured Rose in their Went To Tell Everybody column, where independent comic creators get to talk about their work! It was really nice of them to do that, and it was a weird thrill to see Rose up on that site along a raft of super heroes and big name comic creator big shots doing stuff.

Go give the article a read!

Rose and Dahlia are Old

It’s great to know that no mater how many years have gone by, Rose and Dahlia are still their same selves. I can’t wait to be a crazy old person knocking about a retirement home, but GEEZ they had better have wifi and decent gaming systems available by then or I’m gonna be ticked off, I have a backlog that I’ve been waiting to get through!

Rose and Dahlia Catch Up

Note to self: The whole point of making comics that are only a couple of panels is that you can save time. Having a panel with like a billion tiny bits of food that have to be drawn and coloured individually kind of defeats the point!

Special thanks to my bestest buddy Keryn for writing this one! This is basically us having lunch together every day.

Rose Ruins Geoff’s Tea

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my all-time favourite Rose comic I’ve made so far. Geoff is a simple man, a quiet man who really just wants to be left alone, and Rose a simple woman who really never wants to be alone ever, WHAT COULD GO WRONG HERE?

I have really gotten into tea lately. I used to really dislike tea, I thought it was basically warmed up cordial, but it turns out I was just drinking really bad tea! So now I like tea with things like vanilla and lavender and honey but I especially like chamomile because it keeps me CALM