Geoff Grows A Beard

This comic may or may totally be based on a thing that totally happened! Art imitating life, and all that.

Beards are pretty good! If you have a beard, you don’t have to worry about shaving, and that means you’re using fewer razors, and that means you’re being more environmentally aware! So that’s nice.

Rose Gets On A Plane

Finally the story about how Rose came to Australia from Ireland can be told! Mainly because it took me so long to figure out how to draw planes.

Silly Rose came out to Australia without a real plan and not even a job lined up, but her interview went well and the rest is history!

EVENT: Supanova Gold Coast April 12-14!

Hello! I am super excited to share the news with you that I’ll be at Supanova this coming April at the Gold Coast Convention Centre! Supanova has always been one of the highlights of my year, and it was the first convention I ever exhibited at way back when so it’s always fantastic to be back to see old friends and new!

AND – oh boy I’m super excited about this bit – this year I’m going as a guest of the show! Yep, that’s me hobnobbing with the other celebrities like it’s no big deal. Me and Camilla Mendes? Practically equals in the industry.

ALSO! I (and my comic rival Alisha Jade) are going to be teaching a special workshop on the Saturday for teenage creators about how to make their own comic books, and tickets for that are already selling fast! I can’t wait to help shape the next generation of creators and hopefully steer them away from a life wasted becoming doctors or lawyers.

I’ll have all the latest Rose comics for sale at the show, and I’ll be doing commissions too! I’ll draw any character you like, as long as they’re eating breakfast.

Supanova! April 12-14! Gold Coast Convention Centre! I can’t wait to see you there!

Rose and Dahlia Deliver Cakes

Look all I’m saying is that getting Rose and Dahlia to deliver a cake isn’t so much about the cake, it’s about the experience, you know? I want a cake that people care about! I want a cake that is so good they eat it beforehand. That’s how you know it’s quality!

Rose and Dahlia Give The Thumbs Up

Stuck in a rut? Life got you down? Just want to scream at the eternal void that is the rest of your life until your head explodes? Give the thumbs up to random strangers and see what a change it brings to your outlook! Sure, the world is on fire and there’s nothing but terrible news wherever you look but at least you can bring a smile to someone’s face, surely!

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