Dahlia Gets Breakfast

Seriously why don’t they call windows “wind no’s”? They literally keep the wind out. The vast majority of the time spent making this comic was just staring into space being completely blown away by thinking about the meaning of breakfast.

We spent a lot of time debating the origins of the word lunch but that really got us nowhere except made us think about what to get for lunch, and for the record the answer was a delightful chicken cashew stir fry that we got delivered because we live in the future now and having to actually get up to get food is so 2017.

Also in the future, the tomato that Rose is buying costs $63.

Dahlia Pulls Some Pranks

It turns out that Dahlia lives in Sim City where someone turned on all the disasters at once, what a classic prank that is.

We’ve seen Dahlia pull pranks on Rose before, after instigating the whole Free Hits thing, and she’s got more tricks up her sleeve. Now she has three co-conspirators to help, there may be no end to the trouble they all cause. Stay tuned!

And if you’re wondering what kind of pie Rose likes, she has much to say on the subject!

Event! Supanova, Brisbane November 9-11!

Hello! It’s been a while between drinks but I’m supa-happy to say I’ll be at Supanova’s Brisbane show this coming November! Supanova is held at the Brisbane Convention Centre November 9 through to 11 and there’ll be a fine assortment of pop culture goodies include TV stars, toys and of course comic books!

I’ll be there with all the latest Rose books for sale, some of which will be having their Brisbane debut! It’ll be the first time Rose: Second Helpings will be making a convention appearance so come on by and get your copy signed! You can also get original sketches of your favourite characters eating breakfast, because breakfast is really important. I’ll also have Colour in With Rose and Rose badges on sale, so there’s something for everyone!

I haven’t had a chance to do a Brisbane show for a while so it’s going to be awesome to see everyone there! I also can’t wait to see the TV stars walk around with that dazed look on their faces after posing for the five hundredth photo, that’s always a gas. See you there!

Rose and Dahlia Have a Plan

Rose and Dahlia have a plan

I think becoming famous would suit Rose and Dahlia’s lifestyles very well. It’s not like they’re dedicated to their careers as microbiology scientists or anything. The smallest thing Rose wants to deal with are those “fun size” chocolates you get in the big packs that fill your bed with wrappers or so I have been led to believe.

Also! Here’s a pro-tip for comic artists everywhere: do not set your next comic inside a grocery store! It took absolutely forever to draw all the items on the shelves. It was a living nightmare, and in some ways, I think I’m still drawing those knick-knacks and doo-dads, forever…

Dahlia Argues With A Map

Every time I get in the car and the little Maps thing goes “oh it’s five minutes to the fish and chips shop” even though it’s like 7AM and it’s clearly Sausage and Egg McMuffin time I mean SERIOUSLY!

I am just not the biggest fan of my devices judging me.